cricket, in every way!
We make sure there is a format for every one of you. From the classic BYC to the brand-new Beer Cricket, we have got you covered.
Take cricket to a new level

Backyard Cricket (BYC) is our brand-new solution for making cricket an accessible sport. It is a fun new way of playing cricket whatever the weather is!

It is time for those quick singles, desparate lunges and smashing cover drives! Play cricket, anytime, anywhere.

Our format for older ADULTS
Senior byc

Senior BYC is our version of cricket for older people. Unlike regular BYC, you would have a guarenteed number of balls to face and bowl. Senior BYC is all about keeping active while having some fun!

Senior BYC is open to anyone over the age of 50.

seated cricket is here!
clock cricket

Clock Cricket is a simple seated-cricket format designed initially by the ECB to be played indoors. It is designed especially for older people and people with difficulties with mobility.

Clock Cricket provides participants with a ground-breaking and light form of activity, stimulation, comradeship and competitiveness which is aimed at Rehabilitation Units and Care Homes.

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