cricket for school
Let the bairns enjoy their time with cricket.
make the school fun for your students with cricket
Cricket for students

Cricketqube takes great care in helping the young 'uns grow with an appreciation for the greatest game on earth.

From a young age, our events help children to develop teamwork and interact creatively with other students. We focus on assisting them to have fun and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of BYC. Our activators have undergone enhanced DBS checks and has ECB coching licence.

If you are a parent or a teacher who want to sign up for Cricketqube events at schools, please get in touch with the contact form below.

Young child play cricket in the Newcastle England
Young students play cricket in Newcastle Sunderland Durham North EasENGLAND


Friendly staff, easy to learn from and lots of fun! Wish it lasted longer!

Kevin, 16

Very well organised. Very enjoyable, would recommend. Definitely would come back!

Sophie, 17

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