Ageing Lifestyle in Black and South Asians (ALiBSA) Webinar

Launched in February 2023, the Ageing Lifestyle in Blacks and South Asians (ALiBSA) Webinar is a dynamic monthly series aimed at addressing medical inequalities and enhancing the well-being of South Asian and Black older adults globally. The webinar was co-founded by Dr Faatihah Niyi-Odumosu, Associate Professor in Physical Activity, Health, and Wellbeing at the University of West of England, Bristol and Cricketqube. This joint initiative brings together a diverse array of experts, including GPs, public health professionals, and academics. Our speakers delve into topics crucial for supporting South Asian and Black older adults, offering insights on maintaining an active lifestyle and improving overall well-being.

This ongoing webinar series is open to everyone, welcoming older individuals, academics, healthcare practitioners, and activity providers to join the conversation. As we navigate the unique challenges faced by these communities, ALiBSA Webinar serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and concerted efforts towards promoting the health and vitality of South Asian and Black older adults. Join us in this collective endeavour to make a positive impact on the lives of older adults worldwide.

Contact Us

Alosh K Jose, Co-founder and CEO, Cricketqube

+44 7880861779

Dr Faatihah Niyi-Odumosu, Medical Doctor and Associate Professor, UWE Bristol