Backyard Cricket

Backyard Cricket (BYC) is a format developed by Cricketqube inspired by those endless games at your gardens and those quirky rules. BYC gives you an opportunity to take a nostalgic trip to your childhood while having fun.

The whole point of BYC is having fun. Therefore, we have developed some quirky rules. The full rules of BYC events can be read here.

Registering for an Event

Cricketqube organises a variety of events for different audiences. This section would address the frequently asked questions about our regular events. For our more specialised events such as for schools, corporates and more, visit here.

At the moment Cricketqube offers the players to choice of events and register as a team of five. You can do that here.

Don’t worry if you are not in a team. You can register as an individual player and select your playing level. We will put you in a compatible team. You can register yourself here.

No. However, we’ll put the three of you in one team and get you two more players. Play cricket, make friends.

Our events are very inclusive. You can include whoever you want in your team. People of any gender can play together as BYC is a skill-based game rather than a power-based game. However, we expect the players to be in a reasonably good health as our events are competitive and we do not want to see anyone getting injured. If you are bringing in minors, you need to have the consent forms from the parents. It can be found here.

You can subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll tell you about the latest events, news and offers. Alternatively, you can check our website regularly or call us on 07745104864.

The format of the tournament would be dynamic and would be communicated to
the team captains/managers at least 24 hours before the start of the tournament.

A team can have five or six players the squad. Only five could bat or bowl and be on the field at any one time. However, you can make unlimited substitutions while fielding.


We might take pictures and videos during the event.

When they register, the players would be asked whether they are comfortable with being photographed and vidoegraphed during the event. These materials would only be used for marketing purposes and can be posted online.

Coming to Our Events

Our events are completely hassle-free, and you don’t need to bring anything. From bats to balls, we’ll take care of everything leaving you to focus on having fun.

We use the softer cricket balls (not tennis balls!) which replicated the normal cricket all bounce. Therefore, you don’t need wear pads or helmets. We advise you to bring a abdominal pad though, just in case!

You can wear what you are comfortable with. Athletic or gym clothes would be a good choice.