Don't let your age define you
Age healthy with BYC
Healthy ageing

One in five people in the UK is over 65. By 2050, this will rise to one in five. A third of children born now are expected to live to 100.
It is critical that the UK needs to focus on healthy ageing.

Cricketqube delivers our activity sessions for older people across the North East at community centres and care homes to help people stay active and socially connected across generations.

We want people from all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of healthy ageing. We endeavour to do this with our events specially curated for older adults. Take a trip back to your childhood with endless fun and great conversations.

Our clients includes Parkinson's UK and Anchor Homes. Contact us below for more information and get a quote for an event designed just for you. Our oldest participant is 103 years old! What's stopping you?!


Not played since school (hated that). Absolutely loved it, had a great time. No pressure just fun. Would do it again.

Grace, 62

Enjoyable. The camaraderie was great. Great opportunity to socialise with people.

Shiela, 82

COntact us for a personalised event

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