Success at Cleadon Church of England Academy

Success at Cleadon Church of England Academy

The sessions at our newest venue, Cleadon Church of England Academy, have been a resounding success. Cleadon is a very well-known school in the South Shields area of Newcastle. We delivered six hour-long external PE lessons over three weeks, working with an enthusiastic group of Year 4 students.

Starting Indoors: Laying the Foundations

Our journey began in the indoor sports hall, focusing on the basics of cricket. Using tennis balls, we reintroduced the students to batting, bowling, and fielding, considering many had only played cricket once before. The sessions also featured games like bulldog and dodgeball, which boosted excitement and competitiveness.

Moving Outdoors: Expanding the Fun

As the weather improved, our sessions moved outdoors, bringing even more excitement and engagement. The larger space allowed us to start each session with a game of bulldog, followed by a bowling competition where winners earned their team points. Each session ended with a large cricket game, ensuring everyone participated and had fun.

Positive Feedback: A Testament to Success

The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments like “love the sessions” and “can’t wait for next week’s sessions” reflect the success of our programme. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment validate our approach and encourage us to keep delivering high-quality cricket sessions. We also had teachers at our sessions to support the children.

A Milestone: Collaboration with Schools

This collaboration with Cleadon Church of England Academy marks our first official partnership with a school, delivering external PE lessons. We conducted sessions twice daily for three weeks, focusing on Year 4 students. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to expanding our reach and providing valuable sporting experiences to young people.

Looking Ahead: Building on Success

As we reflect on the success of our sessions at Cleadon, we are excited to continue our mission of bringing cricket to more schools and communities. Our aim is to make cricket accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for all participants, fostering a love for the sport and building stronger community ties.

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