Cricketqube and Clock Cricket Announces New Partnership

Cricketqube and Clock Cricket Announces New Partnership

Cricketqube is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Clock Cricket, the Hertfordshire-based provider of the brilliant chair-based format of cricket aimed at the less mobile and older adults. Clock Cricket inspires social, fun and competitive pursuit aimed at encouraging the less able or active to take up a physical activity or try something new; players sit in a circle and play the game.

With Cricketqube sharing the focus on healthy ageing and the common good, the partnership is organic and would benefit countless people across England's North East and the South East.

What to look forwards to in this partnership?

Cricketqube and Clock Cricket share a common goal in providing the most useful solutions for older people to engage in social and physical activity. With our Senior BYC and Clock Cricket, we now have two formats that access the entirety of older people and provide the cricket experience for everyone - from active older adults through people who have dementia to adults who use wheelchairs. 

For the first time ever, Cricketqube would introduce the clock cricket format to the North East, which would help thousands of older adults in the region enjoy the game and the companionship and camaraderie that comes with it. The format is already used in stroke units in hospitals and care homes to help older people enjoy a better life. Cricketqube is in active conversations with stakeholders, including Parkinson's UK and Elderberries, to introduce the format in the region.

Cricketqube's Senior BYC format, which is already popular in the North East, will now travel to the South East and London regions with this partnership.

"It is an amazing opportunity for Cricketqube to work with Clock Cricket which has similar ethos. With this partnership, we would be able to introduce the game to even more people", said Alosh K Jose, CEO of Cricketqube.

"Richard Hill MBE and I had been in discussions with Alosh K Jose and Cricketqube to see if there was a natural crossover with their Backyard Cricket project and Clock Cricket. We agreed that both projects would increase our ability to deliver more forms of cricket to the older generation, so we are delighted that we will be working with Cricketqube to do just that in the North East of England & here in the South East", said Sean Carey, Facilitator at Clock Cricket.